Drunk Man Takes Home 10-Foot Stolen Python

By Bryan Le 03/26/13

A night of heavy drinking leads to a "foolhardy" purchase.

python bruce.jpg
Not as cute the morning after. Photo via

Sometimes a night of hard drinking can lead to some less-than-savory decisions about who—or what—you bring home. This was the case for Dwayne Matthews, of England, who drunkenly purchased a stolen 10-foot python during a night of hard drinking back in January. Matthews first became aware of the illicit purchase the following morning, after waking up to find the creature attempting to "eat" him and his friend. It was eventually revealed that during the prior evening's debauchery, he had purchased the recently kidnapped African rock snake from a stranger. “In his wisdom, and no doubt egged on by his inebriated friends, he decided it would be a good idea to buy it and sell it,” says Matthews' attorney. “The next morning he realized it hadn’t been such a good idea.” Matthews reportedly was able to trap the python, named Bruce, in a duvet, and stuffed him in a bin before he could do any damage. “It was like a sub-plot from a Guy Ritchie film,” says his attorney. Bruce's original owners had contacted the police about his disappearance, leading to Matthews' arrest after he attempted to pawn off the python at a local pet store. A judge has sentenced Matthews to eight weeks prison and a £1565.00 ($2300.00 USD) fine, saying: “This was a bit of a foolhardy enterprise.” Bruce has since been returned safely to his original owners.

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