Man Arrested for Displaying Pot Garden on YouTube

By Shawn Dwyer 01/16/14

William Bradley was allegedly growing pot to relieve symptoms of terminal cancer while seeking ‘donations’ to help distribute weed to those in need.

Bradley showing off his abundance. Photo via

A Westbrook, CT man faces numerous drug-related charges after posting a YouTube video of himself giving a tour of his homegrown marijuana farm that he called Hope Garden.

William Bradley, 46, was seen in the video walking through tall pot plants while urging viewers to send him money in the form of donations. "Welcome to my beautiful garden," Bradley said in the video. "As you can see, God has gifted me with an abundance and it's more than I need, so I want to take the extra and give it to people who need the help."

"I'm growing this medicine for myself because, like I said, I do have terminal cancer,” Bradley said. “It's something that I've been dealing with for several years now, and it's always a struggle. This medicine really helps.” He repeated his name and address several times in the video, which alerted police to his illegal activity. After obtaining a search warrant, authorities raided the garden and seized two pounds of marijuana, more than 20 grams of hashish, two bags of cocaine, four Oxycodone pills, and over $1,000 in cash.

Bradley was charged with possession of narcotics with intent to sell, possession of marijuana with intent to sell, and operating a drug factory, among other crimes.

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