Man Receives $24K of Marijuana He Didn't Order

By Bryan Le 06/03/13

Police speculate dealers used a random home address as part of a drug drop system.

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Burton hopes the box's owners get the
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George Burton of Sacramento, California didn't remember having ordered anything when he received a box in the mail from FedEx Kinko's—but especially not more than 10 pounds of pot worth $24,000. According to a news report (below), the delivery box had Burton's name and home address handwritten under "return address" and had been delivered to him after it was left unattended at Kinko's. He and his fiancée immediately called the police, who were reportedly just as surprised. "The officer who responded said a lot of times people will say they found a lot of pot and it's just in a ziplock bag," says Burton, but when officers arrived at the scene they confirmed: "you definitely have a lot of pot." Authorities suspect Burton's address was chosen at random as part of a drug delivery system—and there's no telling how many times the house had been used before. In concern that someone would come looking for the package, Burton posted signs on the front door letting the real owners know the box isn't there anymore. “I don't have it,” he says in an open message to the box's true owners. “If you dropped it here and my house is some kind of drug drop spot, Sac PD has it. Don't use my house anymore. Go find somewhere else to drop off your marijuana.”

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