Madonna Curses Smoking Fans

By Bryan Le 12/21/12

In an expletive-filled rant, Madge says she'll cancel her show if smokers don't stub 'em out.

The show went on that evening. Photo via

Smoking is now banned at Madonna concerts—a new rule enforced by the star herself. After performing “Human Nature” for a soundcheck in Santiago, Chile, the wind and rain turned her umbrella inside out, drawing laughs from the crowd. Some storm clouds of her own then brewed, and Madge lashed out with a rant against cigarette-wielding fans. "There are people smoking right now," she began. "No smoking. If you're going to smoke cigarettes, I'm not doing a show—fuck you. You don't care about me; I don't care about you. All right? Are we going to play that game? I'm not kidding. I can't sing if you smoke." Dressed uncharacteristically in a giant coat and baggy sweatpants, she broke briefly into Spanish, pointing at the crowd: “Entiendes? You know what? If you love me, then don't smoke. No smoking. You're looking right at me while you're smoking cigarettes like I'm a stupid fucking idiot,” she said, before flouncing off stage. She did, however, go on to perform that evening. Her attack on smokers might be seen as ironic considering that the name of her current tour—"MDNA"— is inspired by a drug. Deadmau5 criticized her for asking an audience if anyone had “seen Molly.” And of course Madonna has previously glamorized smoking.

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