Machete-Wielding Teen High on Meow-Meow Goes on Rampage

By Bryan Le 09/22/14

A UK teen high on mephedrone, also known as "meow meow," brandished a machete and demanded money from store employees.


A UK teen went on a robbery rampage armed with a machete while high on "meow-meow," also known as mephedrone or M-Cat.

One woman who worked at a clothing exchange store said Connor Scott, 19, walked in with his hoodie up and a bandanna on his face and demanded she hand over cash.

"The woman thought he was a customer," said prosecutor Jonathan Dunn. "She then saw that he had reached for a machete that was concealed down his trousers."

Scott attempted to force his way into the woman's office while shouting, "Give me your money," but oddly backed off after a few minutes and left empty handed.

Minutes later, he approached a cashier at a Co-Op store and demanded money from the till, repeating the demand while raising his machete. When the cashier told Scott he couldn't open the cash register, Scott left to get an air pistol.

"The police had been called to deal with the robbery and officers were in the area in some numbers. He was seen by the police walking in a strange manner," Dunn said. "They approached him. He produced the air pistol."

Officers said that Scott asked them to "Get me off the streets" before they arrested him. Scott's defense attorney, Michael Crammer-Brown, told the court that Scott began taking meow meow and drinking heavily because of personal problems after falling into debt to a drug dealer. 

"He bitterly regrets what he did," Crammer-Brown said.

Scott has been sentenced to four years in a youth offender's institution.

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