Robin Hood Drug Dealer Dies, Receives Praise From Law Enforcement

By McCarton Ackerman 09/11/14

Louisville police praised Reggie "Double R" Rice for being "honest" and "courteous."

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Everyone's favorite dealer. Photo via

One of the most prolific drug dealers in the history of Louisville, Ken., passed away after a battle with cancer, but oddly left a positive impact on many people in the city.

Reggie Rice, known as “Double R,” died last Sunday at the age of 41. He was the largest drug distributor in Louisville from the mid-‘90s to the mid-2000s. But despite his highly illegal activity, even police and prosecutors looked back on him fondly.

"If he had been selling Mary Kay, he would have been driving the pink Cadillac," said former chief narcotics prosecutor Shane Young. "As far as dope dealers go, he was a very honest guy. He didn't stiff anyone; he didn't snitch. He was not your typical dealer. He was well-spoken and courteous."

Rice was known for taking money from his drug deals to send teenagers to college or buy them necessary clothing like shoes. In turn, they would tip him off about police raids. Circuit Judge McKay Chauvin said that while Rice “wrecked havoc on the community,” he “wasn’t necessarily evil” and believed that “people who knew him thought well of him.”

He also had a reputation for not snitching to police when his drug deals went horribly wrong. He refused to talk to police about a man who shot him in the buttocks or a separate incident in which two men tied him up and stole $10,000 worth of jewelry. Rice also remained mum in refusing to reveal any other dealers when he faced drug trafficking charges in 2005 that could have seen him sentenced to life in prison; he managed to dodge any jail time in the incident.

Chauvin said he “would rather serve 10 years in prison than testify against someone,” but was not above violence when necessary. He hired heavies to do his dirty work when necessary, including a man named Ricky Kelly, who is currently awaiting the outcome of a pending murder charge.

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