Video: Long Island Pharmacy Turns Itself Into Fortress

By McCarton Ackerman 02/08/12

Pharmacists resort to guns, cameras and bullet-proof glass to ward off a rash of painkiller robberies.

Pharmacies around the US are having to
resort to extreme security measures.
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In the wake of a spate of painkiller-inspired robberies and shootings at pharmacies in Long Island, NY, one store has turned itself into a fortress, employing some of the most high-tech and extreme measures yet seen. Numerous security cameras and doors, ID verification through drivers' licenses and a guard packing a Glock 9 millimeter are just some of the tactics that Linden Care in Syosset is using to protect staff and customers. In case that's not enough, they'll also be introducing bulletproof glass next week. "We're carrying the medications that nobody wants to carry," says store co-owner Marc Wiener— meaning addictive pain pills like OxyContin. He says of the new security regime, "We're able to go home at night knowing we're doing the right thing for ourselves and for our patients."  Local  police are getting involved in the effort to protect pharmacies as well. Nassau County Police Chief Steven Skrynecki says risk assessments from counter-terrorism teams are now available to help pharmacists secure their stores.

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