Lindsay Lohan Denies On-Set DUI

By McCarton Ackerman 01/11/13

LiLo insists that she didn't get loaded on the booze-soaked set of upcoming movie The Canyons and drive off in her Porsche.

Lohan says she's "not that stupid and
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Lindsay Lohan is reportedly telling friends that a recent and unflattering New York Times feature about her is mostly true—but she's vehemently denying its claims that she got drunk on the set of her upcoming film The Canyons and then drove off. Sources close to Lohan say, according to TMZ, that while there were vodka shots on set, they were provided by director Paul Schrader—and that LiLo didn't partake. Lohan also declares that she's "not that stupid and irresponsible" to drive a car while drunk. However, she doesn't deny being fired and then rehired by producer Braxton Pope after missing two days of shooting, running up a $600 sushi and sake bill, and arguing about her four-way sex scene in the movie. The article claims that Lohan had been drinking in preparation for her sex scene with three porn stars and when Pope offered to get her a driver home, she refused and drove down the Pacific Coast Highway in her Porsche. On a separate day of filming, she was apparently out partying with Lady Gaga until 5:30 am—despite having a 6 am call that morning. When she showed up visibly out of it, her doctor declared she had an inner ear infection and wouldn't be able to film that day. Although she hadn't missed any days of work after her initial firing, Schrader appeared to have little confidence in her pulling it together and declared mid-shoot that, “We’re getting close to the point where if she disappeared, we still have a movie. Just one more full day and we're good." Despite all this reported off-screen drama, Pope deemed Lohan's performance in the film "excellent," and says the benefits of having her "far outweighed" the challenges.

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