LiLo's Mom "Drunk Dialed" Her in Rehab

By Bryan Le 07/22/13

Dina Lohan has reportedly lost contact privileges for the remainder of her daughter's rehab stint.

lohan and mom.jpg
Dina Lohan's been 86'd. Photo via

Lindsay Lohan's latest rehab facility, Cliffside Malibu, has to protect the actress' sobriety from yet another threat: her mother. Dina Lohan has been banned from contacting her daughter for the rest of her treatment after a drunken phone call, TMZ reports. Lohan has been completing her court-ordered rehab stint at Cliffside ever since an alleged "drug outbreak" at Betty Ford forced her to switch facilities. Shortly before her 27th birthday on July 2, the rehab contacted Lindsay's mother on her behalf, but deemed Lohan too "hammered" to talk to her daughter. The birthday phone call was scrapped, and reportedly Cliffside Malibu decided it would be best for Lindsay's recovery to be cut off from contact with her mother for the rest of her stay. Lohan is set to get out of rehab in early August, at which point Oprah has reportedly lined up a $2 million dollar deal for her addiction and recovery story.

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