Lil Jon and Crunk Juce Under Fire in Britain

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Lil Jon and Crunk Juce Under Fire in Britain

By Kirwan Gray 06/29/11

A pint of the Crunk will “leave you wondering what happened," according to overseas advertising for this 12% power beverage.

Lil Jon does up the Crunk.
Photo via urban-drinks

12% seems to be the Gold Standard for high-alcohol energy drinks. Rapper Lil Jon has hit the big time in Europe with Crunk Juce—but whether it’s the kind of publicity he wants or needs remains to be seen. Here's the capsule history: Crunk, his brand of Southern hip hop music, became Crunk, short for Crazy Drunk; which became Crunk, the non-alcoholic energy drink; which became a 2004 album called Crunk Juice; which became Crunk Juce, or CJ, as it is named in the U.S., and which is chock-full of alcohol for the 21-29 year-old market. Or something like that. For any underagers anxious to follow along, Crunk Juce with 12% alcohol comes in three helpful flavors—grape, watermelon, and fruit punch. CJ is being pitched in the UK as the “drink with an edge” that will “leave you wondering what happened.”  Perhaps that’s why British pubs and clubs have taken to selling it in 25 ml shots, rather than as a full pint can.

The Daily Mail Online claims that “consuming just one can is the equivalent of drinking a pint of wine mixed with an energy drink such as Red Bull.” A spokesperson for the British supplier of Crunk Juce gave out a less than completely reassuring statement: “We advise our customers to treat it like a bottle of wine. If you drink three Crunk Juces or three bottles of wine then bad things are going to happen.” And the operations manager for Crunk UK Ltd., said that to him, it just seems like "the police are looking for something to blame. If it was't Crunk, it would be another drink like vodka or whisky."

Well all right then, and thanks for the heads-up. Only one question: Where are the kiddies going to round up the US $8.50 they need for a pint-sized can of Crunk?

Earlier, we looked into the energy drink market, and quickly found the semi-smiling face of Snoop Dog, peddling “Blast by Colt 45,” another entry in the burgeoning 12% sweepstakes. Lil Jon is simply following the trail blazed by his elders. And there is the granddaddy of them all, Four Loko, and the exclusive Fix interview with the company’s founders. Read it here.

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