Lebanon Bomb Blasts Restaurant for Serving Alcohol

By McCarton Ackerman 04/23/12

Five are injured in the latest attack by anti-alcohol Islamic militants in the Middle East.

The aftermath of today's attack Photo via

Islamic militants across the Middle East are training their weapons on establishments that serve alcohol. Five people were injured earlier today in southern Lebanon when when a bomb exploded in a restaurant in the coastal town of Tyre. The third-floor restaurant, Nocean, is reportedly known for its dance parties. Police had to cordon off the area due to large chunks of concrete falling onto the street. "I was on my way to the restaurant in my car, talking on the phone. I heard an explosion and then something fell on the car," says Zahi Zaydan, the restaurant's owner. Four of the five injured patrons were released from the hospital shortly after checking in. This isn't the first alcohol-related attack that Tyre has faced: two bombs were detonated at a nightclub and liquor shop in November, and a restaurant selling alcohol was targeted in December. The majority of Tyre residents are Shi'ite Muslims, but members of Lebanon's Christian and Sunni Muslim communities also live in the city. Lebanon is one of the few Arab countries that has no bans for its citizens on the consumption of alcohol, although a number of establishments have stopped selling it due to intimidation. Earlier this year, two masked gunmen murdered two people and injured 20 more at an alcohol-serving hotel in Yemen.

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