Lakehouse Recovery Center

By The Fix staff 06/08/15

Lakehouse Recovery Center offers an intimate, individualized experience tailored to clients’ needs.

Lakehouse Recovery Center
Location : Westlake Village, CA
Phone : (877) 762-3707
Price : $66,000/month
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : Yes
Detox : Yes

The Lakehouse Recovery Center, which opened its doors in 2005, provides services for drug addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse, chemical dependency, and dual-diagnosis/co-occurring disorders. 

Instead of applying a one-size-fits-all treatment, The Lakehouse Recovery Center caters to each individual’s unique needs, tastes, and beliefs. One former resident described the staff as very accommodating to people, reporting that “each resident’s religious or spiritual orientation was respected and supported,” and that they are “given the opportunity to identify a higher power that is meaningful on an individual level.”

Among other services, The Lakehouse offers psychiatric evaluations and medication management, individual and group therapy, relapse prevention counseling, stress and anger management, and various workshops including yoga and breathwork. They also provide family counseling and have an active alumni and extended aftercare program.

One alum mentioned the importance of family in recovery. When possible, counseling sessions are held with the family “to ensure that the recovery process will continue in a beneficial way when the resident returns home.” Family support services include couples therapy, whole family therapy, referrals to child support professionals, and family events, in order to address the “critical need for emotional healing” in the relationship between an addict and his or her family. Family therapy is an important feature, as “a healthy and emotionally open family is of immense support to the individual.” 

Another feature that is fundamental to Lakehouse's approach is its alumni network and aftercare support services. After treatment, alumni have access to counselors and therapists, intensive outpatient programs, career counseling and goal setting, social events, and more. “I had a relapse shortly after leaving the Lakehouse, but quickly returned to the people who showed me how to live clean and sober, and that includes staff, who, even though I wasn’t a client at the time, were still there for me,” one former resident reported. 

Which brings us to the people who run Lakehouse Recovery Center. Former residents gave the staff rave reviews, calling them “the most amazing, caring, and generous staff of any rehab facility.” Several alumni said their experience with the staff was the most memorable aspect of treatment, above amenities and treatment. “The people and staff members are serious about sobriety but also laugh as much as they breathe,” one alum wrote. “They love to have fun and they are just amazing 100 percent of the time. They do everything they can to make sure you are getting the help you need and it is not run like a business. It is run like a family.” Another raved “This is the best rehab I have gone to and I would send my children here (if I had them) if they needed help. Most amazing place I have been…[They have] shown me a way of living and sobriety that I never could have dreamed of.”

(This review was updated in January 2021 to reflect changes to the program.)

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