Kim Jong-Un Wants German Beer Garden For His People

By Bryan Le 07/23/13

Amidst a national hunger crisis, North Korea's leader seeks to open a Bavarian beer garden.

north korean ber.jpg
It's what North Koreans need? Photo via

In the midst of a nation-wide hunger crisis, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un wanted to open a genuine Bavarian brewery and beer garden in Pyongyang. German paper Bild reports that the leader, who has "outed himself as a beer lover" solicited German brewery Paulaner, who have opened many beer gardens across the globe, including 21 in Asia. But the brewery rejected his request, since it currently has its hands full opening 12 new beer gardens in other countries this summer (including one in the US). This isn't the first time North Korea has solicited Western breweries for beer. In 2000, despite being known for his love of cognac, Jong-un's father Kim Jong-il bought, dismantled and shipped the Usher's brewery from England and re-branded the beer as Daedong River Beer, “the Pride of Pyongyang,” which—according to state-run news—would “supply more fresh beer to people in all seasons." But bringing in foreign brews should be the least of North Korea's worries right now, sine the nation is suffering a chronic food shortage. As Bild puts it: “Man does not live by bread alone, but beer alone does not fill the stomach.”

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