Kevin Smith's New Movie Promoted with Tie-In Marijuana

By Bryan Le 09/11/14

An indie film studio and a medical marijuana dispensary have teamed up for a smoky cross promotion.

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Kevin Smith is directing a new movie, and indie film studio A24 is using branded pot to promote it.

A Los Angeles-based medical marijuana dispensary is stocking two strains, Mr. Tusk and White Walrus, to create buzz for Tusk, Smith's new horror-comedy which stars Justin Long as a podcaster who starts slowly turning into a Walrus.

“White Walrus, I’m told, is more mellow and uplifting,” said Graham Retzik, an A24 marketing strategist. Mr. Tusk is supposedly more intense. “The two are surprisingly complex, in keeping with the spirit of the film."

The film company, which has been involved in other films about youthful, drug-fueled debauchery like The Bling Ring and Spring Breakers, hopes that the ploy can help Tusk stand out from the 400 or so films that will also be premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday.

Using marijuana to promote a work of Kevin Smith is also a good move, considering his fans have loved his films featuring Jay and Silent Bob, a pair of low-grade pot dealers. Not to mention Smith's own public love for the sweet leaf.

Retzik said that while movie names have been used to sell cannabis, like Pineapple Express, this is the first time he's aware of that pot has been used to sell a movie. However, Tusk itself does not feature any scenes of pot smoking.

Smith said that he himself has not been able to try his movie's weed, as he's been busy in California prepping to bring his movie to the Toronto International Film Festival. He reportedly he is "dying" to get his hands on it.

“This movie was born in a blaze, and will be released in a blaze,” he said.

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