Kendra Wilkinson Reveals She Nearly Died From Drug Abuse

By McCarton Ackerman 11/25/14

The former Playmate revealed that a deadly combo of cocaine and crystal meth nearly led to her death at 14.

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Reality star and former Playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson has opened up about a severe drug addiction during her teenage years that nearly left her dead.

Wilkinson, currently competing on British reality show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! admitted to taking cocaine, crystal meth, and LSD on a regular basis. She would use lunch money from her mother to buy drugs and eventually resorted to stealing from her grandmother. A toxic cocktail of cocaine and other substances even led to a nearly fatal overdose at the age of 14.

“My drug habit was turning into a nightmare pretty ­quickly…I almost didn’t survive. Line after line, I just kept going. Usually, I knew my limit and stopped myself when I hit it because even though I was a druggie, I was still fearful of anything bad happening,” she told Sunday People. “I was shaking and choking on the blood that was dripping down my throat. I was in serious trouble, ­everyone thought I was dying.”

But despite nearly dying, her friends at the scene of the overdose abandoned her and refused to call for an ambulance. She miraculously survived and became sober shortly after. But rather than entering into treatment, Wilkinson said she stopped cold turkey and “recovered on my own. I decided I had had enough.”

She is hardly the only former Playmate to struggle with drug abuse. Jenny McCarthy revealed in her 2012 autobiography that she got hooked on Vicodin and took up to 10 pills per day, while Miss February 2006 Cassandra Lynn Hensley tragically died last January of a reported drug overdose after she was found floating in a friend’s bathtub.

Former Playboy model Brandi Brandt was sentenced to six years behind bars last August after pleading guilty four months earlier to conspiring to import drugs. She was part of a ring in 2007 that hid cocaine packages on planes flying from California to Sydney on United and Qantas Airlines, with an airline catering company collecting the packages once the plane landed.

Last month, former Playmate Krista Boseley was apprehended along with Gilles Joseph Pierre Lapointe after allegedly trying to smuggle 50,000 MDMA pills onto a private plane.

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