Kelsey Grammer Had a "Love Affair" With Cocaine

By McCarton Ackerman 08/28/12

The Frasier star opens up about kicking a 20-year cocaine addiction, and his new semi-sobriety.

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Behind the laugh track, life hasn't been all chuckles for comedic actor Kelsey Grammer. The former Frasier star and current co-star of Boss on STARZ has revealed that he fell into a deep depression after the abduction, rape and murder of his younger sister Karen in 1975, leading to a more than 20-year addiction to alcohol and cocaine. "The first two years were the hardest. I did some drugs, I did some alcohol, but that was mostly earlier on," revealed Grammer in a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey. "My love affair with cocaine, which was my drug of choice, was motivated by a few other things, about not really deserving the things I had got. Also, I liked it." But while Grammer was originally a functioning addict, a series of drunk driving and cocaine possession arrests soon followed and he ultimately flipped his car while intoxicated. The latter incident led to him checking into the Betty Ford Center in 1996 and Grammer has remained clean of cocaine ever since. "It was fun, I had fun, it just eventually becomes something you can't keep doing... I finally quit blow in 1996, that's when I was done... It's a fond a memory, but it's no longer a friend..." he says. But as far as alcohol, he hasn't cut ties with that "friend" completely, admitting: "I still have a drink sometimes."

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