Video: Drunk Johnny Depp Gets Dropped on Hollywood Boulevard, Literally

By Jason Gotlieb 10/11/11

The Rum Diary comes out later this month. Its star seemed to be getting into the spirit on Saturday night.

Depp in The Rum Diary Photo via

Johnny Depp, whose new, booze-soaked movie The Rum Diary comes out later this month, was filmed in an interesting condition on Hollywood Boulevard Saturday night. Perhaps habituated to embracing his inner Hunter S. Thompson, Depp seemed visibly drunk and even fell to the ground at one point—"You dropped Johnny!" yells an onlooker to Depp's minder. The Rum Diary is based on Thompson's novel of the same name in which a young reporter travels to Puerto Rico to work for a local newspaper and ends up getting tangled with the resident expats and their serious drinking habits. So perhaps Depp's late-night cameo was a reflection of his "method"—or else a very creative publicity stunt. The unedifying scene was caught on camera, and onlookers can be heard chanting "Gonzo…Gonzo," and "Rum diary! Rum diary!" Depp's escorts quickly pick him up from the sidewalk and bundle him into a dark SUV, where he sits quietly in the back seat, covering his face with his hat.

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