John Daly Calls PGA Tour's Drug Testing System "A Big Joke"

By McCarton Ackerman 03/12/15

The former British Open champion called "bullshit" on the PGA's random drug testing policy.

John Daly

Golf champion John Daly has slammed the PGA Tour for its drug testing policy, calling  “bullshit” on the tour’s claims that the drug tests players receive are random.

Speaking on his Sirius radio show Hit It Hard with John Daly, he suggested that players knew when and where they would be drug tested based on past history. Daly is scheduled to play the Valspar Championship this weekend and said this will “be the fifth or sixth year in a row I'm going to get drug tested [at this event].” He declared that the alleged predictability of the tests made it easier for dopers to cheat the system.

"It's the biggest bullshit. I'm sorry, I'm gonna say it. Fine me. I don't care what you do,” said Daly on-air. “They all know when we're getting drug tested. And for you dopers and all that shit on the PGA Tour, you know you're getting drug tested, you got it made! And I'm tired of it. [The PGA Tour] think it’s a joke.”

Daly also specifically called out PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem and chief of operations Andy Pazder, telling them to “get off their ass and get it right.” The tour has yet to respond to Daly’s accusations.

Of course, the golf veteran has had his own battle with numerous addictions over the years. In October 2008, he was taken into protective custody by police in Winston-Salem, N.C., after being found drunk outside of a Hooters' restaurant. He committed to stop drinking alcohol after the incident and has been sober for over six years. Lap-band surgery in early 2009 also helped considerably cut back his Diet Coke intake, which peaked at a staggering 28 cans per day. Daly said in April 2014 that he now drinks 10-12 cans per day at most.

Daly has also been open about his gambling addiction. He revealed in his 2006 autobiography that he lost between $50-60 million over the previous 15 years, including $1.5 million in a single night at a slot machine in October 2005. He shockingly admitted to still gambling occasionally, but said that now he’ll “play the $25 slots. If I hit something, I might move up to $100. But I don’t do what I used to do anymore.”

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