Jobless Addicted Father of Eight Sentenced To Rehab

By McCarton Ackerman 04/28/14

A judge warned Scott Devine that he would face prison if he refused to grow up and stop his anti-social behavior.

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A jobless and drug-addicted burglar has been sentenced to drug rehab in order to turn his life around and start providing for the eight children he had with three different women.

Scott Devine, 33, received his tenth conviction at Gloucester Crown Court for an attempted robbery last November. His boneheaded plan involved using a two-foot pole to steal drugs from a pharmacy, which he later claimed was an attempt to swipe deodorant. Devine later stated that he had been trying to get clean for his last partner, with whom he had an 18-month old son, but said that he was driven back to drugs and alcohol after she had given the boy up for adoption.

He has a new girlfriend as of last February and is now expecting a ninth child, but has not worked in several years. His attorney, Adrian Parker, told the judge that Devine “has some skills as a tattoo artist and would like to develop that.” But Judge Jamie Tabor seemed unimpressed, sentencing him to three months of drug rehab in conjunction with an 18-month supervision order and a 30-day activity program.

“You burgle, you take drugs, you drink too much, you don’t work and your relationships appear to be very short lived, which is hardly surprising bearing in mind the catalogue I just pronounced,” said Tabor. “If you are grown up enough to decide to have children by several different women, you are grown up enough to put a stop to this. If you don’t abide by the terms of the community order I am imposing on you, you will get locked up for a considerable period of time.”

Devine will be required to return to court next month for a progress report and could be sentenced to jail then if he doesn’t comply with the terms.

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