Jimmy Kimmel's Pot Jokes Earn Graduation Invite

By Ben Feuerherd 01/10/13

Humboldt State invites the talk show host to speak after he poked fun at their marijuana studies institute. 

Kimmel's pot shots at Humboldt U went viral.
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After late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at a California university campus center devoted to studying marijuana, the administration at Humboldt State have invited the TV personality to speak at this year's commencement. During a November 27 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live the comedian joked about the Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research, saying their plan is to "organize lectures to study how marijuana relates to topics like economics, geography...and sociology. But they'll probably just end up playing ultimate frisbee." The video went viral on YouTube and campus leaders have responded surprisingly well. “We thought some of your lines were actually pretty funny, as did many on campus,” reads a letter to Kimmel from the University's president and student body president. “However, like many students and alumni we also felt you shortchanged Humboldt State University, portraying all of our students as pot-obsessed slackers. That is not fair and this invitation offers you a chance to grow a little and make up for it,” the letter continues. To the administration, however, the Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research is more than just a punch line. A University spokesman, Jared Petroske, tells the Los Angeles Times: “The important thing is that the institute continues to do important work ... in all facets of ways marijuana is impacting society. It may provide low-hanging fruit for comedians but this is serious work that needs to be done.”

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