Jamie Moyer's Dry Tailgate for Addicts' Children

By ________________________ 08/30/11

A foundation run by the veteran baseball star and his wife will highlight and help the cause of the children of addicts on Friday.

Pitching for addicts' kids Photo via

At the age of 48, former Philly Jamie Moyer, with a career spanning four decades, is still aiming to pitch in Major League Baseball in 2012. But his dedication to baseball and his staying power are matched by his philanthropy. The Moyer Foundation, run largely by his wife, Karen, helps children in great distress. Charitable organizations have often overlooked the plight of the children of addicts, even though an estimated eight million American kids live with at least one alcoholic parent, for example—and these children are thought to be four times more likely than average to become alcoholics themselves. But the Moyers have risen to the challenge. Their foundation runs Camp Mariposa, a first-of-its-kind camp designed to meet the needs of children living with addicted family members. This Friday Jamie and Karen will be hosting "Dry Tailgate," a benefit at Notre Dame football's home opener in Indiana, to benefit Camp Mariposa. It'll feature live music, magic and comedy, a meal and a silent auction of items including sports memorabilia and a luxury vacation. You can find out more or make a donation here. "Addiction affects many, including kids who have to live with it," Karen Moyer explained to The Fix. "Camp Mariposa gives kids the tools to live with it and the education to be different. They need our support. We can change this issue of addiction for the next generation. Dry Tailgate is a great event doing just that!" Staying sober, watching football, and helping kids sounds like a good combination to us. Nice work, Moyers!

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