Scary Ice Cream Truck Driver Nabbed for DUI

By Kirwan Gray 05/23/11

Trenton resident arrested last week on charges of driving his Jack and Jill Co. ice cream truck while obviously, visibly, ridiculously drunk.

You know how creepy clowns can be? Now think of a drunken clown. Okay, now think of a drunken ice cream truck driver. Just about as bad, yes? Drunken ice cream truck drivers and children don’t mix—especially if the ice cream driver is careening down the wrong traffic lane rather than making change for a little tyke’s popsicle purchase. Police in Middleton Township, Pennsylvania, arrested Trenton resident Yassir Hassan, 46, last week on charges of driving his Jack and Jill Co. ice cream truck while he was obviously, visibly, ridiculously drunk. Several homeowners along his route had alerted the police to the vendor’s erratic driving, and by the time police caught up with Hassan, they charged him with DUI, disregarding traffic lanes, and an assortment of other misdemeanor charges.

It gets worse. As disclosed yesterday by the Times of Trenton: “Police found several wine boxes as well as at least three water bottles filled with urine, one of which was found inside the freezer unit used to store ice cream.” It was also determined that there were “no handwashing facilities in the vehicle.” We warned you. Apparently Hassan was so busy drinking and attempting to drive that he chose to take his, uh, restroom breaks in the truck. Some people just aren’t good around kids. Or maybe the kids were the problem in the first place.

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