Roman Cops Sniff Out Subterranean Pot Farm

By Lacy LeBlanc 08/15/12

A giant underground pot farm in the Eternal City gives new meaning to the word "dank."

Lighting a Roman candle photo via

Some cities are proud of their underground spaces: Paris has a museum dedicated to its sewers, while NYC’s defunct Delancey subway station may soon turn into an underground green space. But enterprising pot farmers in Rome, the cradle of Western Civilization, decided to see those two cities and raise them higher. After a long investigation in which Roman police literally followed their noses, a subterranean pot plantation was discovered in a walled-off portion of the city's subway system. Apparently, the summer’s record high temps caused the damp tunnels to act a bit like a natural vaporizer, sending the dank smell of weed wafting through the streets of the Eternal City. The 43,000 square foot ganja garden was hidden behind a wall in a abandoned Mussolini-era subway tunnel, which was to have officially housed a mushroom farm. While mushroom farms are fairly common in these underground areas, the earthy aroma of fertilizer clearly wasn’t enough to mask that sticky green stink. According to police reports, 340 kilos (almost 750 pounds, worth about $3.7 million) of cannabis were seized in the bust, and the owner of the farm was arrested.

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