Jewish Group Rescues Drunk Girls From Abuse

By Ben Feuerherd 02/21/13

During this weekend's Purim festival in Israel, volunteers will swoop in and drive "at risk" girls to safety.

Some men may need rescuing too. Photo via

Volunteers from Israeli organization Learn and Live will be patrolling the streets of Jerusalem during this weekend's Purim festival, intent on rescuing intoxicated women and girls from potential sexual predators. During the festival, young girls often get drunk and use drugs, putting them at greater risk of being lured in to abusive situations, The Jerusalem Post reports. “They are not capable of making a conscious decision, and they follow strange men. They don’t even know who they are with,” says Patty Kupfer, who has been organizing the project for Learn and Live. "All teenagers make mistakes but we don’t want them to do something stupid that would affect them for rest of their lives.”

Learn and Live operates in 32 cities in Israel with the intention to "prevent, rescue and rehabilitate girls from physical and emotional abuse, build their self esteem, provide them with practical vocational skills and strengthen their Jewish identity." This weekend, 25 volunteers from the organization will be driving around looking for women who seem drunk and at-risk. They will then pick up the girls and transport them to two tents set up around the city. In one tent, the girls can rest and have something warm to drink. In the second, they can spend the night and receive breakfast and bus fair home the next morning. Last year, the organization rescued 21 girls from "problematic" situations. “Our job on Purim is to make sure that no abuse is happening and no girl is getting hurt," says Kupfer. "Some of them we literally pick off the ground.”

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