Meet "Ireland's Stupidest Criminal"

By McCarton Ackerman 03/07/12

A judge gives a scathing title to an addict who left a photo of himself at the scene of a burglary.

Jason Glennon is a longtime addict.
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An Irish drug addict has been sentenced to seven years in prison (with the final three suspended) after he took a photograph of himself on a phone. Which he then left behind in the house he just robbed. Thirty-four-year-old Jason Glennon pleaded guilty to three burglaries committed last June, including the incident that Judge Patrick McCartan said made Glennon a candidate for "the title of Ireland's stupidest criminal." Glennon stole a backpack and a pink Nokia phone just one day after being released from prison for a similar offense. When he broke into a nearby house, the owner woke to find him in the bedroom and chased him out; Glennon dropped the backpack and phone as he fled. His mugshot was discovered and he was arrested the next month. Glennon, with 82 previous convictions, has been a drug addict since the age of 14. "(He is a) menace as long as he is in the community and using drugs," said McCartan.“It is my duty to protect the community and the only blunt implement I can use for this purpose is Mountjoy Prison." The judge suspended the last three years on condition that Glennon goes straight from prison to residential addiction treatment after his release.

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