Iran Claims to Have Device That Can 'Detect' Drug Addicts

By Paul Gaita 01/13/15

Not only does this miracle device detect drugs, it can determine the level of addiction in a person.

Drug Radar
Does it detect BS, too? Photo via

Scientists in Iran have declared that they have created a radar device that, among its host of capabilities, can detect drug addicts from a distance of almost a mile.

The as-yet-unnamed device’s inventor, Seyed Ali Hosseini, told the state-run Mehr News Agency, that his radar tracker can determine the location of explosives, individuals buried under the rubble of collapsed buildings, and even concealed drugs. But Hosseini’s most surreal claim is the device’s ability to “detect drug addicts from a distance of 1,500 meters and determine the degree of addiction inside their bodies.”

How the device works is a miracle of technobabble. “The transmitter part consists of radio waves and radio magnets emitting waves across the earth and stimulates elements’ molecular layer and releases their ions," Hosseini said. "The receiver detects ions as well as the molecular layer, then transfers waves back to the target to detect their essence.”

All of this could be dismissed as another of Iran’s outlandish boasts about scientific breakthroughs, akin to its claims of possessing a time machine, if drug trafficking and drug addiction were not two of the biggest problems faced by Iran’s population.

The country has the highest number of drug users on an international scale, with anywhere between two and 10 million people addicted to opium, heroin, crack, and crystal meth. It also boasts some of the world’s harshest sentencing for drug-related crimes, with approximately 80% of its executions carried out for trafficking and recidivism.

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