Inspire Malibu

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This luxury rehab offers high-end accommodations and plenty of time for recreation. As they put it, being pampered is "one of the best ways to stay focused on getting better."

Inspire Malibu
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Location : Agoura Hills, CA
Phone : (877) 841-0214
Price : $50,000 for shared room $72,500 for single
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Insurance : Yes
Detox : Yes

California Drug Rehab Center Review

Inspire Malibu, a luxury rehab tucked into the luscious, green hillsides of the Santa Monica Mountains, offers high-end accommodations, pampered treatment and an outpatient program. As they put it, being pampered is "one of the best ways to stay focused on getting better."

Residents typically stay between 30 and 90 days. The treatment style is relaxed and very supportive. As a matter of fact, the quality of treatment was the number one reason for choosing Inspire Malibu according to almost 90% of respondents to a survey of recent alumni. One such alumnus said, "It is not a tough love approach. You are treated with respect and you are not ashamed or made to feel like you have done something wrong. The staff treats you with a lot of love and caring." Another characterized it as, "not strict. It was welcoming and friendly." 

The treatment is individualized and includes such modalities as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and on-on-one therapy. This is a non-12-step program and usually this fact is one of the reasons people choose to come to Inspire Malibu. As one former client put it, "This was a non-12 step based treatment center. The focus was on ...CBT and included other therapy modalities....Your one on one therapy could be based on any type of model in which your therapist has expertise and that you choose." However, 12-step facilitation can be part of the treatment. Group and family therapies are also included.

The accommodations and demands made on the resident are in accordance with this upscale, low pressure recovery style as well. Residents like the fact that they are allowed to use all their personal electronics: phones, ipads and the like. But only after the first few days, and only while not in group, and only until 11 pm. Most rooms are shared, but for an extra expense, there is a private room option. And all the rooms come with Egyptian cotton sheets on pillow-top mattresses and full maid service. Don't worry about making your bed before breakfast here. There are no chores to be done, either. "You could go to the beach or the gym every morning for about 1 1/2 hours. Equine therapy was provided on Saturdays. Yoga was offered once per week and massages were provided once per week," one very satisfied recent client noted. The location is less-than-ideal for some, being in Agoura Hills rather than Malibu itself, and close to the Ventura Freeway.

Daily life at Inspire Malibu consists of groups, meals and social or individual time. As one recent resident put it, "Wake up, eat breakfast, sometimes go to the beach, if not then just hangout with friends outside and smoke until the first group. Then pretty much groups and breaks all day." Another put it, "In between groups, we work on our journal or assignments requested by our individual therapists. However, most often the clients socialized at the table outside and played sports in the backyard. At nighttime, we socialized and watched TV and/or movies."

Other amenities available are yoga, meditation, equine therapy, creative arts therapies and Sunday outings, chosen by the clients, frequently to the Pacific Ocean, a movie, bowling, a museum, or the like. "One trip to the mall each week as well," one client noted.

The staff is well-liked and handle rules violations in a fair, albeit strict manner at times. "They would take away electronics. They would not allow the person to go on the outings. In one case they had a man kicked out and arrested," said one recent alumnus. Clients seem to agree, the staff "were fair and enforced the rules laid out in the handbook given the day I was admitted."

Most clients in treatment centers really appreciate good food. It can often make or break one's stay. This treatment center does not disappoint, with world-class chef Adrian whipping up tasty and healthy fare that "contains the proper balance of vegetables, protein and carbohydrates." Most clients indicate that their favorite dishes were things like the lobster (of course), or the steak, shrimp or sushi. Least favorites were either sandwiches or the fish. Meals are prepared fresh and in between meals gourmet coffee and healthy snacks were available at all times. One client sums it up as, "healthy and definitely gourmet. Downside of that was that I gained 25 lbs." Special diets such as vegetarian, diabetic or gluten-free are also accommodated.

While former clients were generally positive about the non-medical treatment, they had mixed opinions on the medical treatment, claiming that while “Dr. Mohammad was extremely helpful, very smart and friendly…and very good at what he does,” another doctor was “awful, extremely unprofessional, inappropriate and disrespectful.”

Perhaps it is called Inspire Malibu because it inspires such praise from recent clients as "If I relapsed there's no other place I'd go!" and, "It was one of the best experiences of my life. I'll always look back fondly at my time there."


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