Legalizing Marijuana: The 411

By Bryan Le 03/29/13

Hazy on marijuana? A new infographic lays out the facts on legalization.

MJ infographic cropped.jpg
For the marijuana-illiterate. Photo via

Alcohol can damage your health in the estimated amount of $165 per month, whereas smoking can cost you a monthly average of $800. Marijuana, on the other hand, costs the average American $20 a month in health damage, according to a new infographic by Adrienne Erin for Clarity Way Rehab Center. The handy chart illustrates current marijuana laws across the states, and includes projected tax revenue for legalizing it nationwide (spoiler alert: it's a lot). Poll results indicate that 41% of Americans have used marijuana, 58% of want it legalized, and 50% think it will be legal in the next ten years. Where do you stand? And did you know there is one marijuana arrest every 42 seconds in the US? This factoid, and others, available in an easy-to-digest format, below:


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