Hugs Not Drugs' Addiction Mugshots

By Jeff Forester 09/12/11

Non-prof builds a surprisingly extensive Facebook gallery of famous drug users.

Missing - but not from the gallery. Photo via

The non-profit group Hugs Not Drugs, which seeks to promote drug-free lifestyles, particularly to young people and families, recently launched a Facebook page that soon picked up almost a million "likes." It features two galleries of well over 300 famous faces "with drug/alcohol struggles." All the expected well-known users such as Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, Amy Winehouse and John Lennon are posted—but there are also more controversial poster-boys for drug and alcohol abuse like President John F. Kennedy, Anthony Hopkins, Bill Clinton and Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. As Hugs Not Drugs founder Ruth Harris confirmed to The Fix, some of the more provocative choices serve to underscore the idea that it isn't just the reckless rebels of rock who must contend with addiction issues—it's luminaries in the science, business and political worlds... As well as every other area of society.

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