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Holiday Boozing Varies By Gender

By Luke Walker 12/19/11

A survey finds that while most women up their Yuletide intake to celebrate, men drink more because of family stress.

Men drink to be happy, women to get by.
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Evidently, everyone drinks more during the holidays. However, the reasons men and women drink more are as different as, well, as men and women. One of the most telling (and perhaps least surprising) results of the just-released survey (undertaken by the good folks at Plymouth and Beefeater Gin) is that while women cite "celebrating with friends" as the primary motivating factor for their increased consumption, men mainly attribute family stress. That's not the only point of departure that the survey, which polled 1,000 people, discovered: 30% of men drink hard booze, compared to 9% of women, and three-quarters of the men reported spending over $1000 on booze during the holidays. Startlingly, there is one point on both sexes agree: 70% of all respondents claiming that if given the choice, over the holidays they’d rather cut back on food intake than limit their drinking. Happy new year!

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