Hitting the Bottle, Literally

By Maer Roshan 03/27/11

When pissed-off Mahogony Morrow went off on a booze breaking rampage, she had no idea she'd become a break out star .

Sometimes, you just gotta go. That might explain the actions of an irate woman in Nyack, New York, who single-handedly smashed up almost $2,000 worth of alcohol at a Rockland County liquor store, in an enraged rampage that was allegedly spurred by the store manager's refusal to let her use the bathroom. Surveillance video caught the woman sweeping her arm along shelves of liquor bottles, from Firefly Iced Tea-Flavored Vodka, to costly bottles of Cristal, to an entire shelf of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch (priced at $180 per bottle). Chris Giacopelli, son of the store's owner, said: "Twenty-five years in the business and I've never seen anything like it. Unbelievable. Just unbelievable." The woman, Mahogany Morrow, 31, who works as a clerk at a local video store, successfully escaped the liquor store, but turned herself over to the police a few hours later. Morrow calls the whole episode "a big mistake". She is facing a felony charge of criminal mischief in a New York court. But the video of her tantrum is currently being broadcast throughout the world.

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