Harry Potter the Drunk: An Alternative Theory

By Kirwan Gray 07/15/11

“The problem: We expect teen celebrities to fail, to reveal themselves as drug addicts, to turn up in rehab.”

We expect child stars to go bad.
Photo via smalltalk

In an opinion piece called “Harry Potter and the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy,” Hot Momma Gossip weighs in with some intriguing speculation about the announcement of Daniel Radcliffe’s early encounter with alcoholism. How come nobody on the set of at least two of the Harry Potter films noticed anything? Co-star Emma Watson was quick to distance herself from the whole unseemingly business, issuing a statement that if Daniel was drunk all the time, it’s news to her. “Costar after costar, from Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) to Rubert Grint (Ronald Weasley), discredited Radcliffe’s alcoholism,” says the editorial. “Indeed, all the evidence provided by Radcliffe’s costars and friends (the people who would first realize any alcoholic tendencies) points overwhelmingly to one conclusion: Harry Potter is not an alcoholic.”

From Hot Momma’s perspective, “the young wizard grew up in a mentally destructive environment. Like every other young star, the world expected him to fail from the beginning. So after years and years of listening to these pessimistic expectations and observing his peers’ similar mistakes, Radcliffe fell for this self fulfilling prophecy. When Jeanne Wolf finally questioned him about alcohol, it felt all too natural for Radcliffe to plead guilty to alcoholism.”

An interesting theory. Did the young star jump to an unwarranted conclusion? Or perhaps he was just smart enough to nip an addiction in the bud: “Hopefully, in the future, Radcliffe can fight off this self-fulfilling prophecy and consciously realize that drug abuse should not remain the norm for young celebrities of his stature.”

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