Video: Hangover-Remedy Bus Rolls Into Sin City

By Hunter R. Slaton 04/09/12

So long as they're not afraid of needles, Las Vegas partiers no longer have to sweat out their hangover as God intended, with the breakfast buffet at Binion's.

All aboard the un-drunk bus. Photo via

When the drunk bus—that strobe-lit, retrofitted shuttle-bus hot mess-on-the-go—became an integral part of the American nightlife scene, was it ever in doubt that its photographic negative, the hangover bus, was close behind? It's come to pass in Las Vegas (where else?), where a new service called Hangover Heaven is launching this Saturday. Started by Duke grad anesthesiologist Dr. Jason Burke, Hangover Heaven is a mobile battlefield med unit for bros and bro-ettes who raged too hard the night before, and now need a high-test hangover remedy—delivered intravenously. Hangover Heaven currently offers two packages, with pick-ups at casinos all along the Strip: the Redemption ($90; just IV hydration) and the Salvation ($150; hydration plus IV anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea meds, plus IV vitamin supplements). According to one true believer who appears in a strangely dead-serious video promo for Hangover Heaven [below], it really works: “My hangover is absolutely gone,” the spiky-haired, still-puffy partier testifies. “No more nausea, no more headache. I’m ready to go back out.” The nation thanks you, Hangover Heaven, for patching up our boys in blue (or other shades of shiny, untucked “going-out” shirts) and getting them back out into the fist-pumping fray.

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