Grimes Slams 'Asshole' Follower for Drug Quote on Wikipedia

By McCarton Ackerman 08/19/14

Despite being open about her drug use in the past, Grimes now wants to have that part of her life deleted from her narrative.

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While she has been open about her drug use in the past, singer-songwriter Grimes now appears determined to not glorify her wild past.

Also known as Claire Boucher, Grimes took to Tumblr to slam an “asshole” follower who keeps posting quotes from an interview that she gave to CMJ in 2012, in which she admitted to using hard drugs while recording her album Visions.

Grimes told the reporter that she “blacked out the windows and did tons of amphetamines and stayed up for three weeks and didn’t eat anything.” She also described the experience as “equally enjoyable and tortuous but I feel like the fact that it was really hard was part of the reason that it was really good.”

Grimes has since had the quote removed from her Wikipedia page several times, but an anonymous follower keeps reinserting it.

“Whoever keeps putting the few quotes I said early in my career about drugs back into my Wikipedia page is an asshole,” she wrote. “I don’t want that to be part of my narrative, and if it has to be, I want people to know that I hate hard drugs. All they’ve ever done is kill my friends and cause me to be unproductive.”

Grimes also slammed the follower for being “incredibly irresponsible” and said they are “doing the world a disservice. I just watched another person I care deeply about basically turn into Gollum and my heart is broken. Losing people to drugs and alcohol is the worst because they destroy any good memories you have of them before, forcing you to deal with the empty space they leave behind.”

Fittingly, the quotes from her CMJ interview have since been taken down and have been replaced by a link to her recent statements on Tumblr. Grimes is currently at work on her fourth studio album.

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