Gov. Bobby Jindal Now Supports Medical Marijuana

By Shawn Dwyer 01/23/14

Even staunch conservatives like Jindal are publicly changing their tune on medical weed, though they still remain opposed to recreational use. For now.


In something of a surprise announcement, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal became the latest high-profile politician to throw his public support behind medical marijuana.

Jindal made his comments while fielding questions on Wednesday during an event at the Pennington  Research Center. “When it comes to medical marijuana … if there is a legitimate medical need, I’d certainly be open to making it available under very strict supervision for patients that would benefit from that,” he said. But Jindal was also quick to point out that he’s still not behind full legalization.“I continue to be opposed to legalization of marijuana.”

Since 1991, Louisiana state law has allowed for the use of medical marijuana for patients suffering from glaucoma, chemotherapy, and spastic quadriplegia. But the law was contingent upon the state’s secretary of health and hospitals creating and implementing specific rules when the law went into effect in 1992. Those rules have yet to materialize, though Jindal’s remarks soon may open that door.

Jindal joined a growing chorus of politicians who have voiced their support for medical pot in recent weeks, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. President Barack Obama recently caused a stir for his support of legal weed in Colorado and Washington.

Here's a news report from WWL-TV in New Orleans on both Jindal and Obama:

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