Goldie Hawn's Ex Pens Sniff-and-Tell

By Jason Gotlieb 11/01/11

Goldie Hawn was a 12-hour "sexpot," who couldn't get enough of European men and cocaine, says her former husband.

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Comedy actress Goldie Hawn has been portrayed as a "cocaine-sniffing sexpot who loved European men" by her ex-husband, Bill Hudson, in his upcoming book. Hawn, now 66, is well-remembered for films like Private Benjamin and Overboard, and won an Academy Award for her supporting role in Cactus Flower. But her silver screen career isn't what's currently making the news: Hudson says that on the couple's second date—at a Rolling Stones concert—"A large plate of cocaine came by and she took a huge snort." In what seems like a continuation of compulsion that might well require some additional fuel, they then proceeded to have sex from 1am-1pm, writes Hudson, who claims she believed in open marriage and had multiple affairs with European men. He adds that Hawn's own father told him before their marriage: "Just watch yourself...Goldie tends to want a different man for every mood she's in." Hawn has yet to respond to requests for comment; to be fair to her, the allegations date from some time ago—the pair were married between 1976 and 1979. Hudson is long estranged from their children—actors Oliver and Kate—and his revelations will hardly endear him to his ex-wife. Two Versions: The Other Side of Fame and Family, which will be published on December 1, can be pre-ordered on Amazon and is already on sale at a generous 35% discount. What may be more disturbing to Goldie Hawn fans than her alleged Scarface impression is her reported habit of continually referring to herself in the third person and yelling, "Goldie will do whatever she wants, when she wants!"

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