Man Killed Girlfriend Over Beer and Noodles

By Bryan Le 02/14/12

A couple's drunken fight seems to have reached homicidal heights after a night of barhopping.

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Kruel is charged with brutally killing
his girlfriend.
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A Pennsylvania man who apparently killed his girlfriend in a drunken fight over beer and noodles will soon stand trial for homicide. Keith Allen Kruel, 38, and his 40-year-old girlfriend, Tina Marie Ohler, had come home after a night of barhopping when the fight happened. According to Kruel's testimony to police, Ohler, angry there was no beer left in the house, took a swing at him and missed. She then agreed to make noodles for him while he rested on the couch, but threw the bowl at the wall in anger when he told her he no longer wanted to eat them. Kruel reacted by pushing her into a door jamb and kicking her on the ground. Police found blood on two doorways and various places on the carpet. "It was a horrific scene. There was a significant amount of blood, and this woman was beaten to death. She died from trauma from the beating," says Trooper Stephen Limani. Ohler was on her knees and wheezing, but refused Kruel's offer to call an ambulance, so he went to sleep. Emergency services were called later when she was found not breathing. Ohler's mother, Noreen Wolfe, says Kruel beat her daughter throughout their ten-year relationship and that he deserves the death penalty. "She doesn't deserve what she got," said Wolfe. "I hope he gets the chair. He is a mean, nasty person and I don't want no one else going through this."

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