Gas-X and Excedrin in Opiates Scare

By Luke Walker 01/09/12

A batch of some common over-the-counter meds may accidentally contain powerful painkillers like Percocet.

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Stopping short of a recall, the FDA has warned of a possible drug mix-up of several widely used over-the-counter-medications by manufacturer Norvartis Pharmaceuticals. The drugs' packagings may have been accidentally switched with those of powerful opiate pain medications. Whoops. Non-prescription pain reliever Excedrin and anti-gas medication Gas-X are two of the meds involved; Norvartis fears packages of these drugs have been filled with addictive prescription pain pills like Percocet, Endocet, Opana and Zydone, which are manufactured at the same Endo Pharmaceutical plant.Norvartis has received several complaints about broken and damaged pills as well as inconstant packaging, but as yet, no reports of consumers having taken the drugs or accidental ODs. Norvartis Pharmaceuticals have asked that consumers return any suspect drugs for a refund, opting for a voluntary recall, even though the FDA has stated it won't order a recall due to the small risk posed. The FDA’s Dr. Edward Cox says, “The likelihood of finding a wrong tablet in an opiate pain medication dispensed to patients is low and patients should not be unduly alarmed.”

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