Gang Leader Says Guards Aided Drug Activity In Prison

By McCarton Ackerman 12/09/14

Leader of the Black Guerilla Family, Tavon White, ran the Baltimore County Detention Center with an assist from corrupt prison guards.

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A violent gang leader currently locked up in a Baltimore prison has testified that his illegal activity inside prison was facilitated by guards motivated by sex and money.

Tavon "Bulldog" White, the leader of the Black Guerilla Family, is currently serving a 20-year sentence at the Baltimore County Detention Center on an attempted murder charge. In a case involving both BGF gang members and corrections officers being charged with conspiracy, drug distribution and money laundering, White testified in court that he directed guards to smuggle in drugs and cellphones for his business. Some of the guards even helped facilitate attacks on inmates who questioned his authority, while White reportedly once declared that “this is my jail…I make every final call.”

The gang’s in-prison hierarchy included a “minister of education” that quizzed members on gang literature and a “minister of finance” who managed the profits from behind bars. The finance minister collected a 10% tax on any items smuggled in by unaffiliated inmates. Using cellphones brought in from the inside, White and his associates would pay guards either in cash or by texting codes on their phones to draw on prepaid debit cards.

"It went towards funding BGF members in whatever they may need. If a member came in who was indigent, we could provide money in their account for commissary, or paying bail,” said White in his testimony. “We'd take the money out of the finance account and give it to someone responsible and they would pay the bail."

He also accused guard Ashley Newton of letting the BGF stab another inmate accused of killing one of their members, while he also claimed to witness kitchen worker, Michelle McNair, smuggle tobacco between her thighs. White even managed to impregnate four guards while behind bars, two of whom now have “Tavon“ tattooed on various parts of their body. A search warrant noted that graffiti was painted on a jail wall that named 14 guards willing to have sex with inmates for $150 per session.

Ironically, BGF constitutions also include,"We do not participate in snitching or working with the police." White’s attorney, Gary Edward Proctor, said the best that White can hope for now is reduced prison time for his cooperation because “he has not just burned his BGF bridges, he’s napalmed them.”

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