Fundraiser Honors Founder of The Addict's Mom Support Group

By John Lavitt 01/05/15

A lifetime achievement award will be presented to a mother who created The Addict's Mom, a forum for mothers to share their stories.


On January 14, a gala fundraiser will honor the founder of the national support group The Addict’s Mom (TAM)Barbara Theodosiou, with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Addiction VIP Education & Networking Symposium in Florida. Rehab Rescue, Behavioral Health Network Resources, and The Addictions Academy are providing the support needed for the gala to take place.

As a mother of four, Theodosiou did not know where to turn when she discovered that two of her sons were suffering from the disease of drug addiction. Out of her despair, Theodosiou created The Addict’s Mom. A hybrid organization that includes a not-for-profit division, TAM provides several forums to mothers where they can “Share Without Shame” their experiences and their pain. Beginning as an online, grassroots national support network, TAM has grown to over 20,000 members with chapters in all 50 states.

Rehab Rescue, Behavioral Health Network Resources, and The Addictions Academy are proud to present Theodosiou with the first Lifetime Achievement Award. In the same way that the Addiction VIP Education & Networking Symposium was designed to support professional connections, TAM has provided incredible outreach, education, and support toward recovery resources for families across the country.

When asked by The Fix why Theodosiou had been chosen as the first recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, Charles Davis of Rehab Rescue explained, “Barbara is a trailblazer for a vulnerable population whose dreams of the American family paradigm have been shattered by addiction. By honoring her with the Lifetime Achievement Award, we are able to highlight the importance of respecting and protecting the health of the family.”

The Addiction VIP Education & Networking Symposium, presented by Davis, will feature 60 exhibitors. The goal of the symposium is to connect addiction and behavioral health organizations to foster a network of ongoing professional support. Attendance at the symposium and the follow-up gala is near capacity.

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