French Bar Owner Faces Manslaughter Charges After Patron Dies From 56 Shots

By May Wilkerson 05/14/15

The victim allegedly drank 30 shots in one minute in an effort to beat the bar's previous record.

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The owner of a bar in France is facing charges for manslaughter after a patron died from downing 56 shots of liquor in one night. Back in October, a 57-year-old named Renaud was attempting to break the bar’s posted record while the bar cheered him on, according to his daughter. He suffered a heart attack in his home later that night and died the next day.

At one point during the challenge, Renaud reportedly consumed 30 shots in one minute. Though some of the shots were mixed, he had gone through about a liter of booze by the time he broke the previous record of 55 shots.

The owner of the bar, called Le Starter, is facing charges of “manslaughter by willful neglect.” His lawyer said “no one forced the client to take on the challenge” and that bar patrons are “responsible for themselves as are their families and friends.” He also alleges that the owner urged the man to stop drinking.

But Renaud’s daughter claims that the drinking record was written on a blackboard in the bar, and that the owner whispered to Renaud during the challenge, “only 12 more to go.”

“It is not known whether he would still be alive if he had not drunk the last 12 shots, but by making down those last shots, he was left with no chance,” said the daughter’s lawyer. “It was a case of inciting someone to consume. That’s an extremely serious mistake for a bar owner.”

Binge drinking is reportedly on the rise in France, despite the country’s reputation for routine but moderate alcohol consumption. A 2013 report found a steep rise in the number of patients hospitalized for binge drinking and a 30% increase in liver disease.

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