Gross Video Exclusive: Scenes from the Finale of TLC's "Freaky Eaters"

By Kirwan Gray 06/26/11

Do you like watching strange, sad people with grotesque food habits and scary food phobias obsess about them on national TV? Then we've got the show for you!

“It's a corn-starch chewing, maple syrup-dousing, food-regurgitating orgasm of tartar sauce,” says the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. That may not sound like any rational person’s idea of a good time, but in what may be a new low for the TV reality gross-out sweepstakes, Freaky Eaters, TLC’s new reality show about people with bizarre food habits, was just picked up for a second season of binge and purge, after notching 1.2 million viewers in its first go-round. The bizarre food obsessions featured on the show—a man who drizzles maple syrup on anything he eats, from burgers to popcorn; a woman who munches on powdered corn starch in times of stress—might not necessarily qualify as addictions—but the show does have a psychotherapist, Dr. Mike Dow, and a nutritional specialist, the improbably monikered J.J. Virgin, on hand to force their hapless clients to confront their crazy culinary habits. We’re campaigning for an appearance on the show by an actual geek, originally the term for a man who bit the heads off live chickens at county fairs. Oh, and just in case you think you’re star material, TLC has issued a general casting call that we pass on to you at no charge: “Addicted to one food and one food only? Is a food phobia taking over your life? If you or a loved one have an extremely "freaky" eating habit and need professional help, please contact [email protected].” The rest is up to you. Here's a mashup of the season to prime your appetite for tonight's finale, which will be broadcast at 10 pm EST.

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