Fix Rehab Review Adds Four New Treatment Centers

By Hunter R. Slaton 07/16/12

The newly reviewed rehabs include good options for chronic relapsers, Christians, video-game addicts and more.

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Burning Tree's Ranch rehab location,
in Kaufman, Texas.
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The Fix’s unique-in-the-industry Rehab Review added reviews of four new treatment centers today, including an Internet-, video-game- and tech-addiction rehab in Washington state called reSTART—a first for The Fix in this emerging treatment category. The other three newly reviewed facilities are The Florida House Experience (FHE), in Deerfield Beach, Fla., a “non-enabling” rehab where residents live with roommates in their own apartments, cooking meals for themselves and keeping house; Burning Tree, a two-location Texas facility which specializes in treating chronic relapsers for an average of eight months to one year at a stretch; and The Treatment Center, in Lake Worth, Fla., a four-star facility which offers a standard 12-step program in addition to their optional “Road Less Traveled” Christian rehab track.

The Fix’s Rehab Reviews are written using the real-life experiences of individuals who have gotten clean and sober at these facilities. Dozens of alumni shared their experiences, good and bad, at the centers in question, allowing us to write our substantive insider reviews. And these four new treatment centers, all of which garnered three or four “overall” stars, provide a good mix of options. Most importantly, they work—according to graduates of each. “Burning Tree was one of the hardest things I've ever completed and certainly the most rewarding,” says one alumnus of that facility. An FHE grad tells us, “I would not be who I am today—mentally, physically and spiritually—without the experiences and knowledge I gained at the Florida House.”

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