Indian Press Seduced by Soused, Cop-Blocking Stewardess

By Will Godfrey 10/07/11

A fierce female flight attendant arrested for DUI and assaulting cops had previously tried to mow down a woman on crutches, reports claim.

A rickshaw rampage in Mumbai Photo via

India's media is abuzz with reports about a female flight attendant who was arrested in Mumbai on Tuesday night after a hysterical fit of drunken rage ended up in a melee with police officers. 29-year-old Neema Lulla, who works for Mumbai-based Jet Airways, was arrested for driving recklessly and drunkenly along the city's busy Chincholi Bunder Road and smashing into one of Mumbai's ever-present auto-rickshaws. The rickshaw driver tried to reason with the sauced-up stewardess, cops say, but she responded by attacking him and followed up by lashing out at two police officers who tried to calm the scene. Her aggression continued when she was taken to the local police station. Lulla was only granted bail at 25,000 rupees after her father promised a court that he'd make sure her behavior wasn't repeated. But according to a woman who came forward yesterday, Lulla had been prone to similar acts of wrath in the past. Anita Satbir Singh Thukral, who has a disability, told NDTV of an even more shocking display of temper last September: "I was crossing the road on crutches, when her car came hurtling towards me. It took me a while to move away, and instead of helping me onto the pavement, she started abusing me for my slow pace. She threatened that she would run me over, and break my other leg as well." Thukral called the cops, who took her to a police station: "It was there that I came to know she is an airhostess. I was shocked, as their profession demands that they help people and be polite to them. Instead, she ran me over and displayed extremely disgraceful behavior." Quite. Although Lulla escaped prosecution on that occasion—after a friend persuaded her to apologize—she could be in deeper trouble this time round. And without some serious anger management work, only a foolhardy flyer would dare to ignore one of her safety demonstrations.

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