NRA Sets Its Sights on The Fix

By Maer Roshan 08/29/11

The Fix is the target of a coordinated NRA blast over our article saying their lawsuit could help Mexican drug cartels.

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Either a lot of gun-lovers are in recovery, or The Fix somehow stumbled onto an NRA hit list. That's the only conclusion we could draw from over 40 comments posted under our recent story on how a lawsuit filed by the powerful pro-gun organization may end up helping Mexico's murderous cartels. The lawsuit aims to nullify an Obama administration regulation requiring gun shop owners on the Mexican border to keep records of customers who bulk-buy assault weapons. The DEA contends that many of these weapons end up in the hands of cartel militiamen south of the border. According to Mexican officials, 70% of guns captured from the cartels were smuggled in from the US. One American-bought weapon even showed up at the site of a shootout in which a US Border Patrol Agent was killed.

Naively, we thought readers might share our concern about the NRA's apparent decision to put its politics before civilian lives. But to our surprise, nearly all the comments supported the NRA's position, furiously blasting the DEA, the ATF, the Obama administration, and of course us, for "lies, stupidity and treason." "Our Fix friends forgot to mention that most of the guns that were recovered [in Mexico] and could be traced back to the US were actually purchased 20-30 years ago," claimed a reader named Nanjing, in one of the more restrained remarks. "Further, the Mexican government did not release the serial numbers...because most did not come from the US." Montana Libertarian chimed in, a bit less delicately: "This article is the perfect illustration of the terrible damage that addiction and drugs do to the brain. The author is so out of touch with reality that we can only hope he's no longer licensed to drive and that his parents keep him away from sharp objects." One woman, who declined to provide her full name, wasn't content with commenting under the article and opted for an angry personal email instead, ending with the words, "Stay out of politics. You don't belong there." Amid the firestorm, one or two fearless readers came to our defense. "How anyone can reasonably oppose a law that requires gun stores to simply report the names of people who buy huge stacks of assault weapons is just mind-blowing in these post 9/11 days," said Jethro. "What does a single individual on the Mexican border really do with several dozen assault rifles? Go fox hunting?" Alas, we suspect they'd rather go Fix-hunting instead.

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