Former Fix Editor Investigates Addiction Science

By Ben Feuerherd 03/27/13

His new book backs the improving relationship between recovery and medicine.

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Addiction Inbox: Cutting-Edge Research on Drugs and Dependence is the latest book by former Fix editor Dirk Hanson, who originally ran this very news blog and has contributed frequently to the site. Based on his own Addiction Inbox blog, the book tackles the science behind addiction and recovery and explores important new developments in the field—such as shoplifting being treated as an addiction and new synthetic drugs like bath salts and spice. One standout recent development, Hanson tells The Fix, is the growing union between the medical community and the recovery movement, so that "doctors can be more proactive treating alcoholics and addicts." He sees Buprenorphine and other anti-craving medications as an important part of this. "It used to be you couldn't go to Hazelden on Zoloft," notes Hanson; now Hazleden accepts patients who have been prescribed Buprenorphine maintenance. This "opened the floodgate," says Hanson, who believes it's a good thing that approaches to treatment are being "rewired" in this way: "It’s time for the treatment industry to straighten up and get with the program." 

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