Fiddy Shows Diddy How to Drink

By Will Godfrey 09/19/11

50 Cent will "get richer or die trying" by pushing caffeine instead of crack, eschewing his fellow-rappers' love-affair with liquor.

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In times when almost every rapper you ever heard of—think P. Diddy with his Ciroc vodka, Jay-Z with his Ace of Spades Champagne, or Ludacris with his his Conjure Cognac—is busily moonlighting as an alcohol salesman, it seems 50 Cent is bucking the trend. The nine-times-hit human bullet-magnet, 36—whose real name is Curtis Jackson, and whose 2003 album Get Rich or Die Tryin' went eight times platinum—is now taking shots of a non-alcoholic energy drink called "Street King" instead. He told the New York Post: “Alcohol would be the easy way to go. I chose not to because I don’t drink. I don’t want to promote something I don’t use.” Fiddy is known for handing out dollar bills in the street—with occasionally violent consequences—and an unspecified percentage of Street King profits will go to fight world hunger. So is the former crack-dealer now a true poster-boy for sobriety and moderation? Perhaps that remains to be seen, in light of his claim that, "I tasted the formula a million times before we got it right." As in 1,000,000 times? Each 2.5 ounce shot contains 100mg of caffeine—more than a can of Red Bull. With that kind of personal enthusiasm, it's probably a good thing that the vodka manufacturers didn't get to Fiddy first.

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