Female Sex Addict Takes Man Hostage

By Reina Berger 05/01/12

A woman commits a second crime against a man after leaving a sex addiction clinic, in an unusual and tragic case.

It was a traumatic experience for the two
men attacked.

In an unusual and devastating manifestation of her condition, a female German sex addict reportedly took a man hostage for 36 hours, forcing him to satisfy her sexually. She was traveling home from a sex addiction clinic in Munich when she met her victim, an African man in his early 30s. After they went back to her apartment together, she took him hostage. The man finally broke out of the apartment while she was asleep, and was found sobbing on a street corner by police. “I met her on a bus," he told them. "She invited me back. It was hell. I can’t walk. Please help me.” The woman had also attacked another victim the previous month, when a 43-year-old man had to stand out on her balcony after she trapped him in similar circumstances, and use his cell phone to guide the cops to the building. They found him naked and fearing for his life. The unusual "nympho" case has been greeted with predictable glee by tabloids—the woman reportedly even invited the police into bed with her when they arrived to question her. But it also raises important questions about society's differing reactions to sex crimes committed by men and women, as well as the relationship between sex addiction and sex crimes. The alleged perpetrator has been taken to a hospital for "psychiatric observation." 

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