Fargo Couple Involved in Murder-Suicide Struggled With Meth Addiction

By Shawn Dwyer 03/03/14

Devin Blowers and Katie Ray Christopherson battled addiction to crystal meth before shooting a sheriff’s deputy and taking their own lives.

Blowers and Christopherson. Photo via

On February 24, Devin Blowers, 24, and Katie Ray Christopherson, 29, were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide after shooting a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy searching their vehicle.

Just weeks before the shooting, the couple was arrested by West Fargo police after reporting a meth-fueled hallucination, where Christopherson claimed that “black males [were] pointing guns at the building” they occupied. When police found no such threat, they determined that Blowers was under the influence of methamphetamine because he looked “amped” up and had “extremely dilated pupils,” according to the police report.

“When a person has been binging on methamphetamine but is in the coming down phase, they are incredibly irritable, prone to mood swings, bursts of anger, all sorts of things like that that,” said Michael Kaspari, a registered nurse and agency director of First Step Recovery in Fargo. “It’s behavior that a person normally wouldn’t engage in.”

Blowers spent about a week in jail and was charged with a misdemeanor of ingesting a controlled substance, which led to one year of unsupervised probation and chemical dependency counseling. Christopherson had a felony possession charge filed against her and a warrant issued for her arrest.

The following week, Blowers and Christopherson were stopped by Sheriff’s Deputy Dustin Alexander, who checked their IDs and was shot in the chest by Blowers. Alexander was wearing a bullet-proof vest and was not seriously injured. After failing to flee, Blowers shot and killed Christopherson before turning the gun on himself.

The couple leaves behind three young children, including a one-month-old daughter born prematurely and currently in the neonatal intensive care unit of Essentia Health in Fargo.

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