Eric Roberts Will Shill Pills for Generic Drug Maker

By Kirwan Gray 04/15/11

Fresh from wrestling with his marijuana dependency on Celebrity Rehab, Eric Roberts is now the celebrity spokesman for generic drugs.

The new face of generic drugs.
Photo via cultivatemodesty

Is it a cruel joke? Did Celebrity Rehab get punk’d? First of all, Eric Roberts wants you to know that this deal has nothing to do with money. This is about “working to bring current and soon-to-be-released generic medications to virtually billions of people around the world.” Huh? This guy is an addict, right? Fresh from wrestling with his marijuana dependency on Celebrity Rehab? Well, the pot addiction was due to acute anxiety disorder, Eric says, and anyway, the company, Genmed Holding Corp., likes the edgy notion of using an actor with a very public history of drug addiction as the representative for a brave new world of generic medications for the masses. And in truth, the fact that something so basic as, say, Ibuprofen could be in short supply in some 3rd world countries is shocking. Eric and Genmed may not be quite so quick to point out some of the other lucrative drugs now coming off patent, ripe for the generic plucking, including the flagship, the little blue pill itself: Viagra. But back to philanthropy: The academy award-nominated Roberts will host the company’s video news releases, for starters. “Eric quit drugs and alcohol in 1995,” his wife told E! News.  “He uses marijuana as a medication. He has a prescription. However, a dependency is a dependency and he doesn’t want to be dependent on it anymore.”

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